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2016 Dodge Journey will be rather a shock, for various reasons. Firstly, the design will be revamped, and will begin new generation with 2016 version year. Besides that, American producer will transform the structure area of the upcoming Journey. From its factory in Mexico this mid-size crossover SUV will be transferred to Sterling Heights, Michigan.


2016 Dodge Journey Exterior
2016 Dodge Journey Exterior
As the Journey is attempting truly hard to not be the automobile it is, it incorporates the features of both a minivan and an SUV. What has been seen below is the style which is identified for a minivan and also it does not look that part of anything else it that issue. There are some components and functions that are more standard for an SUV but the Journey is a huge a spacious automobile which has actually been built on the building points of a minivan. However this is never a bad thing as the minivan practicality that has actually been incorporated within the auto allows its main use to be made use of in the best method possible.The exterior of the auto really features a little a slab-sided appearance with chiseled sheetmetal and flared wheelwells. It is a little bit square shouldered but it also has a conventional degree of creased sheetmetal to it too. It is really tough to explain the bottom line of the Journey vehicle, it is both refreshing and various but it likewise has the factor of being conventional and also confidential. But as the layout ages it incorporates the attributes of the later on stated nature. However normally speaking, the whole layout has been carried over in a great feeling and there are only a few features that can be identified as brand-new.


2016 Dodge Journey Interior
2016 Dodge Journey Interior
The within the 2016 Dodge Journey could best be referred to as being smooth and swoopy. However besides being that it does not have something that of the current Dodge cars have in their layout, and that is the cozy as well as organic style of all of those automobiles. Yet there are more benefits than disadvantages to the within the car. The high quality products that are added to the dashboard are excellent and appropriate to make use of in the style. It mainly uses some darker styles and colors but in fact there suffices bright work contributed to damage the monotonousness as well as make the atmosphere of the auto very happy.


2016 Dodge Journey Engine
2016 Dodge Journey Engine
The brand-new Journey would certainly be offered with two engine choices under its hood. The very first as well as the base engine would be a four-cylinder, 2.4 litre Inline-4, DOHC engine. This engine provides required power result of 173 HP @ 6000 rpm and a torque of 166 lbs per foot @ 4000 rpm. The engine provides the vehicle much better mileage, which would be 19 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway, which are much better than that of the earlier version. Fuel storage tank capability is 20.5 gal. and also 21.1 girl. for 3.6 liter engine.

2016 Dodge Journey Price and Release Date

The Dodge Journey 2016 release date would be during the last quarter of 2015, with the starting price of more than $25,000, which is 20 % more than that of its precursor. 2016 Dodge Journey Gallery:
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