2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Featured
The creature on the raod, brand-new 2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat. After Chrysler 300 in 2013, Street and Racing Team have actually expanded their lineup of cars which now extends throughout Dodges (Viper, Charger and Challenger) and Jeep Grand Cherokee. 2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat is the first SUV powered with Hellcat engine and perhaps the most deserving automobile in its particular niche for such an honor.

Exterior and Interior

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat View
2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat View
Design-wise, Hellcat version of Grand Cherokee won't provide anything out of the ordinary as compared to the normal model. Obviously, some tweaks will have to be made. Hood and frontal fascia will have to be adjusted a little in order to accomodate huge supercharger beneath them, while rear end should obtain revised bumper thanks to different exhaust pipes. In addition, SRT Hellcat vehicles typically obtain quashed grille, and that's exactly what's in shop for Jeep's own Hellcat.
2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Interior
2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Interior
There probably won't be a lot of distinctions in between regular SRT and Hellcat SRT designs. Former ones presently rest atop the Grand Cherokee's line, as well as Hellcats will dismiss them. Perforated leather and suede inserts ought to furbish the seats which will get the home heating choice in first as well as 2nd row, along with ventilation in front row. 8.4-inch touch screen display screen stays in charge of infomercial objectives, while 9 sound speakers take the audion responsibility under their own wings.


2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Engine
2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Engine
As opposed to 6.4 L HEMI V8 engine in SRT Grand Cherokee, Hellcat variation gets 6.2 L supercharged V8 engine which supplies almost 250 horse power more. Its specs read someplace around 700 hp and also 650 lb-ft of torque. This sheer power should make the Jeep among the fastest SUV's ever developed. 0 to 62 in 4 secs and full throttle of 175 miles per hour may not appear comparable to some supercar's numbers, however don't forget that the sturdy SUV weighs more than 5,000 excess weights.

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Price

Now comes the part where these 2 vehicles will not handle to supply class-leading figures or anything near them for that issue. Energy economic situation scores will quickly fall from grace and end up at mid to high teens in mpg integrated. Prices are an additional category which might make potential customers consider ordering one. Trailhawk and Trackhawk will likely set you back between $65,000 and also $70,000. 2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Gallery:

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